Build With Django

Learn to make Django applications from practical, real-world examples.

Build With Django

Dreaming of launching your own web application but not sure what you don’t know?

Done a bunch of tutorials but not sure where to take things from there?

You’re in the right place.

You could figure this out all on your own. You can dig through documentation, Stack Overflow, and blog post after blog post, teaching yourself not only how to solve the problems you have, but also how to become aware of the problems you don’t know you have.

Or you can take a shortcut.

Build With Django is that shortcut.

In it you’ll learn everything I’ve learned building SaaS apps for the last eight years. We'll do this using my technology stack of choice: Django, React.js, and Bulma CSS. We’ll also tackle a number of nuanced topics that come up in the process, and provide playbooks—and of course, lots of code—to solve them.

Build with Django is—above all else—practical. It is not about architecture or beautiful code, it is about solving problems, and solving them in a way that is fast, scalable, and long-term maintainable. If you follow this advice you’ll end up with a codebase that is clean and easy to modify, but you’ll also ship quickly. Consider this the gas pedal to your future SaaS app.

Ready, set, launch!

Level Up your Django Game

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Build with Django?
Honestly, I don’t know yet. It might be a blog, it might be a YouTube channel, it might be a webapp, it might be something else entirely. I’m a firm believe of working in public and I plan to do this with this project too. For now, it’s a place you can sign up to get content like this when I publish it. I’m going to use this site (which is a Django app) as a testbed for my first few posts.
Why should this exist?
I believe that when it comes to shipping a production web application there’s a gap between technical content and practical content, and I’d like to help fill it.
Who is this for?
Developers who want to build and ship something fast and well, and who probably haven’t done so before.
You’re going to try and sell me something, aren’t you?
If this goes well, probably. I’d like to produce something great and valuable, and to justify the effort I spend I’m eventually going to have to charge for something. I’m sure there will be plenty of freebies along the way though!

This is probably a good time to mention that Build With Django is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.
I’d like to have a say in what type of content you produce.
You’re awesome! You can start by filling in this form, and if there’s anything else you’d like to see, just drop me an email.
That last one wasn’t a question. And neither is this.
True! Nothing gets by you, hypothetical question-asker!
Who the heck are you, why should I care, and why are you making bad jokes on a web page about building things with Django?
Harsh! But fair. I suppose I should answer that one properly...

About the Maker

Hi, I'm Cory

Hi, I’m Cory

You might know me from some of my projects, including Place Card Me, Chat Stats, or my Open-Source Wedding Website. Or you might know me as the guy who writes about trying to be solopreneur. Or possibly as the former CTO of Dimagi and co-creator of CommCare HQ.

Or maybe you don't know me at all.

Either way, I like building products, practical coding, writing, experimenting with entrepreneurship, and teaching. This project combines all of those interests into one grand vision.

If you're interested in those things and want to come along for the ride, let's go on this journey together!